Punta El Custodio offers both jungle and ocean.

The jungle surrounding Casa Colibri is rich with lush tropical vegetation: trees, flowering shrubs, vines of all kinds, with a supporting cast of butterflies, birds, armadillos, bats, coati mundis, raccoons, squirrels, frogs and bugs. Yes, we have bugs! What jungle does not? So bring your insect repellent.

The sky is filled all day with low-flying squadrons of pelicans, while countless frigate birds soar far above, their wings motionless, riding the thermals, looking for fish far below. The ocean is teeming with fish; about a mile offshore is a reef where schools of small fry gather and feed, attracting predators, like tuna, barracuda, dolphins and whales. Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to calve in our waters; in season you can see them fairly close to shore. Whale-watching and deep sea fishing trips can be arranged through our rental manager, Ismael Franco.

Local fishermen dive for oysters and lobsters right off the Point and will sell you their catch for your chef to prepare.

Some of the best bird watching in the Western Hemisphere is practically at your doorstep. Jungle and mountain birds are within a few miles, and a brief boat trip up our estuary into the mangroves will bring you to thousands upon thousands of shorebirds in season — a virtual Serengeti of shorebirds!