Authentic Mexican dishes served right from the kitchen.

Because Casa Colibri sits on the unspoiled portion of the Riviera Nayarit, quite a distance from Puerto Vallarta, there are no nearby supermarkets or elegant restaurants, so a meal package was created. This package is not optional, but it represents a terrific bargain in terms of price, quality and convenience. Nayarit is a state of bountiful produce, and every street corner in the small towns has a market selling fresh fruits and vegetables, both grown locally and brought from other parts of Mexico. There are many farm stands along the highways, even along the most rural roads. Our cooks are very flexible both in catering to individual tastes as well as to special dietary requirements.

Your meals will be prepared for you in Casa Colibri’s spacious and well-equipped kitchen. The plan covers three meals a day.

We have our own brand of coffee roasted and ground in La Peñita de Jaltemba, 45 minutes away, where there is a vibrant crafts market each Thursday.

The cooks arrive at 7:30 a.m., and will prepare the breakfast of your choice, together with a fruit platter, coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice. The main meal of the day is taken between 2-3 p.m., called “comida,“ and is usually followed by a quiet siesta. A light supper is prepared to be served cold or reheated.

The menus have been designed over time and are plentiful, healthy, delicious and varied. In addition, the chef cooks, serves and cleans up. No fuss, no trouble, no shopping, no cooking by you, no doing the dishes. This is what you call a vacation in paradise! But, if you are keen on cooking once in a while, you will find an array of restaurant-grade pots, pans, baking trays, etc.

These menus are designed around the freshest and finest produce. This is real Mexican food at its best.

Please do not be afraid to ask what things are, to talk to the cooks, practice your Spanish, or ask Ismael if you have special needs or concerns. Our cooks are trained in the highest standards of cleanliness and we pride ourselves on providing this service of the best quality.

All villas come complete with cook. The cooks will take good care of you, cleaning house between meals and doing laundry. This allows EVERYONE to have a vacation from cooking and cleaning as well. We have had great success with our food packages and have priced them to be a bargain. The food package adds the fifth star to this great Riviera Nayarit rental villa.

You won’t miss the pricey restaurants in Puerto Vallarta nor have the least doubt about the ingredients going into your meals: our chef, Moña Delgado, is more than happy to have you watch her in the kitchen, and will, if you ask, teach you how to prepare authentic Mexican dishes from scratch!

If you plan a fishing trip, just advise Ismael Franco, the rental manager: the cooks will have breakfast ready when you return, and prepare your catch for dinner. We rarely send out a party that has not brought back enough fish.

Your Casa Colibri private chef will prepare the finest cuisine available on the Riviera Nayarit!

Meal plan rates

$230.00 USD per person per week for adults

$115 USD per week for children 5-11;

No charge for children 0-4.

Payment is made directly to Punta El Custodio General Manager, Ismael Franco in USD or pesos.